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Chapter 5: Home

*Spoiler alert for Chapter 5: Home

Gone to the...Concerts?

The chapter I am covering in this post has two purposes: reveal to the reader that the dog is sick, and then get the dog home with Dustin and Damon. Because of this, there are really only two scenes, one at home, and then one at the veterinary clinic.

While writing this book, scene changes were one of the things that would trigger an idea for a soundtrack song. A bit like the connecting music in a movie that helps a viewer transition from one scene to another. Fewer scenes in this chapter means I only have a couple of songs to mention.

Thinking about one of the songs reminded me of going to concerts in the nineties. My first ever concert was Danzig. Writing those words gives me a chuckle. But, to this day, I still love listening to those guys.

I also recently rediscovered a band that opened for them at that show: Type O Negative. They are a very complex goth rock band (I guess), and if you're into that sort of thing, definitely go check them out. Let me know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter!

I saw Danzig and Type O at the Wilson Theater in Fresno, CA. Ironically, and almost comedically, the Wilson theater has since become a church. I was very sad when they stopped having concerts here, but I'll always laugh at the idea that I watched "devil music" being played live in what is now a church! I saw Bad Religion there too...which is icing on that particular funny-cake.

The one band I've watched live more than any other is Collective Soul. They are one of my top 5 favorite music artists from any genre, and are absolutely a staple of nineties music. Many don't know their name, but instantly recognize their songs Shine, December, Gel, and The World I Know. And actually, little known fact, they have more number one Mainstream Rock hits during the nineties than any other band (my wife hates when I drop this knowledge on people - Hi Colleen 😉). This is amazing considering they were up against Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Metallica, and Matchbox Twenty.

Sheesh...get to the point, man!

Shockingly, I don't have a single Collective Soul song planned for this playlist! I do, however, have a song from a band I saw open for them. It must have been '95 or '96, because Collective Soul was touring for their self-titled album that released in '95. An obscure band from Canada named Rusty opened for them.

Something about these guys stuck with me, and I tracked down their CD at Warehouse or Tower Records, as one did in those days, and I've been a fan ever since. Again, while writing this, I discovered that they released their first album in 20 years in 2019! If you like slightly grungy 90's rock that isn't overly stylized, check them out on Spotify.

Anyway, the song that jumped to mind when Dustin decides to bring the dog home is Work out Better, from their second album, Sophomoric.


Save her, please don't let her down

I love her, please don't let her down

Hold her, the pressure gets her down

I told her, you can't let it get you down

Things will work out Betty, but you are gonna have to try

Things will work out Betty, but you are gonna have to try

- Rusty, Work Out Better


Now...I got these lyrics off the internet, and then immediately noticed that they say "Betty" instead of "Better". This doesn't match the title of the song, obviously. So, once again, I've been singing a song incorrectly while driving in my car for the last two decades. Oh well. The lyrics still fit, overall.

I was thinking about Melissa's feelings in this scene, when Dustin decides to take the dog. She just met this guy, and has no idea how committed he is to ensuring this dog's health and safety. Again, her history of loving and losing animals creeps up for her. She's really hoping that for this dog, things out better.

So I Need You

Another song I chose for this chapter is from a band that is much more well known. So I Need You is a fun song from Three Doors Down that I've always liked. I can't tell if the song is about a girlfriend or a maybe a daughter, but it very closely correlates to Dustin's feelings in this chapter. He keeps having internal monologues about how Damon needs this dog as a companion and a distraction. The playlist also needs something upbeat inserted right here.

We'll find out as we read, however, that Dustin needs the dog too. It is another instance of him looking for things to fix outside of his self, perhaps to procrastinate working on his own feelings about his marriage. We don't always know why our heart tugs us in certain directions, but Dustin clearly goes with his gut in saving this dog, and doesn't realize it is as much about him as it is about the dog and Damon.

Thank You

No, I am not putting the Alanis Morrissette song in here. If you've made it this far, however, then I know I haven't yet bored you to death. Major thanks to all of you who bought the book, read it, and are giving the blog a chance! I am having fun with it, and I hope you are too.

Soundtrack (thus far):

Follow as we build the soundtrack on Spotify!


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