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Chapter 16: Gone to the Movies

*Spoiler alert for Chapter 16: Gone to the Movies

Well, we finally made it

This is the most important chapter in the book, and it was my favorite to write. I felt all the emotions while writing this one.

Elation, as the most vivid imagery in my head became real on the page.

Excitement, as I knew I was close to completing my first story. Book. Novel.

Sadness, because of what transpires in the chapter.

I've met countless indie authors on Twitter, and one thing is clear: it is normal to cry while writing our stories! I can admit, this chapter got to me in multiple ways. I've lost a pet before, so I felt that. I've felt helpless when trying to console my son before; so, I felt that too. I've also panicked when I momentarily lost my son before.

Readers have told me they cried during this chapter, and of course, this means a lot to me. Hitting people "right between the eyes" of their heart is the goal, every time.

Before I dive into some of the imagery from the chapter, I want to thank all of you who read this far in my blog. The numbers have been pretty low, which is a little deflating. I've been late with the past six or seven posts, which disappoints me. But I figure these are "evergreen" posts, and I hope other readers find them in the future.

So, anyway, thank you. Thank you for reading my little story, and for taking an interest in what drove me to write it.


Well, I hope that by now some of you brave souls looked up and listened to Gone to the Movies. If you did, and if you heard the lyrics at all, you probably noticed at least one of the bits of imagery I used in this chapter.


Now the rain comes down the windows

And it drops onto the forehead of the waiting boy

He surveys his rental kingdom

And he wonders if he's really lost his one joy

Another fool would go down to the only place she ever went to lose herself

She's gone to the movies now and she don't need your help

Now the rain turns into snowfall

As the city sky reflects the silver street below


- Semisonic, Gone to the Movies


Damon, alone in the rented backhouse with Hope, obviously closing in on her last breaths. Rain bearing down outside. I didn't have him look out a window to have the rain drop on his forehead, but the goal wasn't the describe the events of the song exactly, it was to build a world from the inspiration the song gave me.

If you know the next events of the chapter, one must wonder if spiritually Hope was already back in her place of comfort; "The only place she ever went to lose herself". Again, we see her staying with Damon until she can't stand it anymore. With her last bits of energy, she flees. "Now the rain turns into snowfall". This was a big one for me. There's no metaphor here, or anything clever I was trying to do on purpose. I just loved the imagery of footsteps in snow, snow piling up on the old, busted Pontiac, and as I was writing it ultimately became a proper distraction causing Damon to lose track of Hope.

Just like a 10-year-old kid to be distracted by fresh snowfall.

Dads will be dads

Next, Dustin is angry at the site of the front door of the backhouse being left open. How many of you grew up with a father who obsessed over the door being closed quickly so that you didn't "heat up the whole world"!?! I know I did. Worrying about this would definitely be one of my initial reactions!

All you parents out there...ever lost your kid? Even briefly? Ugh...the panic. I know you could feel it during this scene. Even in a relatively contained environment, any normal parent would freak out when they found out both Damon and Hope are not in the backhouse. I really tried to convey this feeling in this scene.

And then they're in the junkyard, again.

After a few moments to think about it, Damon is apparently able to think again. Crying, he pushes his face into Hope’s neck. He suddenly turns around and grabs Dustin’s hand. Dustin pulls him out of the car and hugs him harder than he can remember ever doing so before.

This is another favorite passage of mine from the book. This is the type of visual I think would be very powerful in a movie. Let's hope that happens someday! 😊

Soundtrack is done maaaan

I went ahead and added the final three songs to the soundtrack on Spotify. Though I don't think it will be long until I post my final blog post, which will cover Chapter 17, Lightning Crashes, I figure it is better for everyone to have the complete soundtrack now. You've been patient enough.

So, of course, Gone to the Movies is finally added to the list, and I will cover, *gasp*, big surprise, Lightning Crashes and The Masterplan next time. If you've ever listened to nineties music, you have heard Lightning Crashes, and know how it is represented in the book! The Masterplan is a fun one most of you haven't stay tuned!

Until next time, see you at the movies.

Soundtrack (thus far):

Follow as we build the soundtrack on Spotify!


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