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Gone to the Movies


Dustin's marriage has hit a rough patch. He is struggling to cope with his wife's severe anxiety and high-functioning depression, and he's concerned about how this rift will affect their adopted son Damon. A mild-mannered carpenter, Dustin isn't sure how to communicate with his wife about his struggles anymore, and decides some time away will benefit everyone.

"Gone to the Movies" tells the story of Dustin and Damon moving to a rural town that's been badly damaged by wild fires. They meet Hope, an injured stray dog from the drive-in movie theater, and this fateful encounter completely changes their reason for being in this new place. Hope and a supportive cast of new friends and acquaintances ultimately give Dustin the tools he needs to heal and find a path forward with his wife Holly.

Set in the mid-nineties, this slice-of-life story reminds us why we love dogs so much and how they help us through life's ups and downs. Immerse yourself in a rich farm-town aesthetic while you discover the backstory of Hope the dog and how she survived on her own before meeting Dustin and Damon.

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