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Chapter 14: Sunday Morning Call

*Spoiler alert for Chapter 14: Sunday Morning Call


Have you ever had a bad day with your significant other, and then later or maybe the next day thought, "what the hell was that all about?"

Well, this is sort of what is going on in this chapter. Dustin is describing an "argument" to a somewhat objective listener in Melissa, and she's like, "you call that a fight?" This causes Dustin to think again about how he is feeling.

How people are working through a relationship is relative. There will always be challenges, but something that feels terrible to one person may look like a cakewalk to another. Part of Dustin's journey is finding that objective voice in a friend to help him see that talking about the struggles with Holly means they still care about their relationship.

The Song

This is another chapter that was named as I was writing it, after I decided on the theme and setting for it.

The idea of a weekend breakfast in a diner with a friend is something most people will appreciate, and if they are like me, it provides a sense of warmth and familiarity. The sound of plates clinking in the background, the coffee cup staying warmed-up due to good service, and good conversation.

It's like a therapy session, and everyone I know has been there a time or two. It reminds me of the opening and ending scenes in Swingers! Yay for more nineties references.

Side note: sadly, Cafe 101, where the diner scenes in Swingers were filmed, closed down during Covid. I've been there a couple times, once hungover (how fitting), and I was pretty bummed to hear that news.

ANYWAY...this chapter is named after an Oasis song, Sunday Morning Call. As has happened with a few songs in the soundtrack, I didn't realize the relevance of the lyrics until after I had selected the title for the chapter.


And in your head do you feel

What you're not supposed to feel?

And you take what you want

But you don't get it for free

You need more time

'Cause your thoughts and words won't last forever more

And I'm not sure if it'll ever work out right

But it's OK

It's all right

- Oasis, Sunday Morning Call


Not only do the lyrics reference Dustin struggling with the thoughts he has, but also in this scene Melissa drops an extremely subtle hint that she is interested in Dustin as more than a friend. This too could be applied to the lyrics.

I'll always wonder if I should have written more scenes with Dustin and Holly working through things, especially to give Holly's perspective. I probably will in a 2.0 version of the book someday. Maybe in a hardcover?

Or, in the screenplay!

Until next time, see you at the movies.

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