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Chapter 12: At the Movies

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

*Spoiler alert for Chapter 12: At the Movies


Wow. Just now, as I typed the name of this chapter for the umpteenth time, I realized that it is the same as the very long-running movie review show with Siskel & Ebert!

This is cracking me up. All my clever attempts at thematic chapter names, but the most obvious one in the book, staring me right in the face, went right over my head. Oh well. This makes for good blog reading, now doesn't it?

Sometimes stories write themselves, and I am beginning to feel this way about blog posts too. Whether researching bands from 5 years ago, remembering why I wrote certain things in the book, or now finding Easter eggs I didn't intend to plant, I am having a lot of fun sharing this all with you.

I hope you're getting some enjoyment from it too.


This chapter is yet another that I really looked forward to writing. This is where Damon finally sees Hope in her home, in her element, watching movies!

The idea of the light from the screen flickering in Hope's eyes is something I envisioned after I began writing the book, but I loved this visual so much, I used it twice in the novel: once in the chapter "Old" with Dustin and Damon, and a second time in this chapter with Damon and Hope.

I enjoyed using these mirroring devices in the storytelling as I wrote the book. I doubt readers notice these things explicitly, but I hope it creates a sense of familiarity and comfort for the reader at a subconscious level.

We also see Hope make the decision to go home with Damon instead of trying to stay in this place she thinks of as home. This solidifies the bond they've developed, setting up the rest of the story.

Busted old table

A scene that snuck up on me in this chapter is Dustin sitting in Dora's kitchen, lost in his thoughts. I enjoyed describing Dora's kitchen, again trying to reinforce that rustic old farmhouse aesthetic.

He looks back down at the kitchen table. Like the rest of the kitchen, the table is extremely old. It is a sturdy wooden table, no doubt repaired many times.

But, more importantly, we have Dustin thinking, and maybe overthinking, how he should approach his wife with about this situation. If you've ever been in a relationship with someone who has anxiety, much of his thought process will seem familiar to you.

The entire reason Dustin and Holly have taken time apart is distilled in this scene. If he's hesitating to tell her that their son is missing, to protect her from her own feelings, how can they keep going? Lucky for Dustin, Melissa and her brother show up with Damon moments later.

I also dropped a little plug in here for the El Camino Mike (Melissa's brother) drives. I always thought those were cool when I was a kid, and my best friend's dad always talked about one he owned when he was younger. He's who I learned some construction skills from. So, again my influences swirl together to form a little Easter egg...for myself. It's an Easter egg for me. 😊

Don't worry

As I mentioned last time, we have a few chapters to get through before the final songs are added to the soundtrack. But, I promise you, the soundtrack ends on some amazing music. So hang in there.

Until next time, see you at the movies.

Soundtrack (thus far):

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